Series 5000 Insertion Turbine Flowmeter
The Series 5000 Insertion Turbine Flowmeter is designed for applications where installation and removal of the meter from the pipeline without interruption to flow, is more important than extreme accuracy of measurement.
They are ideal for large pipelines where the cost of inline meters would be prohibitive. These low cost flowmeters can be installed and removed through a suitable valve while the flow line continues to remain under pressure and provide wide rangeability and improved linearity.

    Features & Benefits:

  • Simple to install and remove
  • A lower cost alternative for larger pipelines
  • Can be fitted with different / interchangeable rotor assemblies
  • Meets most installation requirements for oil, gas and general industrial operations
  • Available with a comprehensive range of electronic signal conditioning and readout instruments, such as, flow rate monitors, flow totalisers, various flow computers and switching devices etc, for local / remote transmission of output
  • Readout equipment can be located up to 50 metres from the flowmeter, or up to 3000 metres, when a pre-amplifier is used.
  • Ideal for pipeline diameters from 4? upwards

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